Community Council 2017 -2018

Reach us at

Executive Members

Chair: Laura Ward

Vice-Chair: Danielle Salisbury

Secretaries: Karin Bourne & Lisa Young

Treasurers: Anne Walker

Past Chair:  Jim Senay

Social Convenors: Karin Bourne

District Advisory Council (DAC) representative: Laura Ward

District Parent Advisory Council representatives:  Charles Woods & Laura Ward

  • Our monthly meetings alternate between mornings and evenings in the first week of each month. The hope is that these  meeting times will allow for all parents and community members to join us at meetings. For exact dates contact penny Hamulas at
  • A blend of parents and community representatives discuss issues that affect the Second Street Community.  EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!
  • Babysitting is available upon request contact Gayle at if you need child care.