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Sports Day returns!

We are excited to seeing the return of sports day as we have known it in the past. This year, sports day will be on May 20th.

School will start at the normal time and classes will gather on the field at around 9:15 and students will be dismissed early at approximately 1:30 or just after the finish of the tug- o -war.

Classes will be staying together for the stations so that they are comfortable with their peers as this is the first experience for many of our students. We know that our parents are as excited as the students for the return of this event and you are welcome to attend.  We do want to remind parents to be aware of others’ health concerns and to distance as much as possible.

Our community council will be hosting a concession stand on the day where parents and students will be able to purchase goodies. The council is also providing a Freezie for each student at one of the stations. We thank them for that.