Staff / Classes


Teacher Division   Room Grade Website
Mr. S. Bell 1 204 6/7
Ms. L. Holliday

Ms. Tsirogiannis

2 202 6/7 website
Ms. K. Farina 3 212 6/7 website
Ms. C. Kirkpatrick 4 205 5/6
Mr. C. Bolognese 5 211 4/5
M. A. Bhargava 6 207 4/5  website
Mr. J. Wong 7 203 4/5 website
Ms. W. Eng 8 201 3/4 website
Ms. B. Gillard 9 208 3/4
Ms. S. Natha 10 206 2/3
Mr. C. Belliveau 11  109 2/3 website
Mr. B. Lim 12 107 2 website
Ms. S. Usselman 13 108 1/.2
Ms. C de Keruzec 14 101 1/2
Ms. A. Finlayson 15 102 1 website
Ms. E. Holmer 16 104 1
Ms. T. Albanese 17 106 K
Ms. T. Ludu 18 103 K
Ms. C. Spracklin 19 105 K


Jeff Hutton Principal
Lindsay Holliday Head Teacher
Gayle Beavil Community School Coordinator


Desiree Cravagna School Administrative Secretary
Angela Yee Community Secretary
Allison Walker Office Support Clerk


Ms. H. Apor English Language Learning
Ms. S. Renovich English Language Learning
Ms. N. Mohamed Learning Support Services
Mr. S. Giroux Learning Support Services
Ms. A. McNeilly Learning Support Services
Ms. A. McNeilly Learning Support Services
Mr. L. Teodoro da Silva Music (Website – external link)
Ms. A. Worsley NIS Music
Ms. Tsirogiannis ELL & ILIT     (WEBSITE)
Ms. Jackson Band
Ms. J. Tan Counsellor     (WEBSITE)
Mr. Kevin Herd Connect Worker
Ms. B. Bosnick StrongStart facilitator
Ms. A. Figueira Speech and Language Services
Mr. B. Tang Deaf  and Hard of Hearing Services
Ms. E. Su Teacher Librarian (Website – External)
Ms. A. Cerone Educational Assistant
Ms. L. Cox Educational Assistant
Ms. A. Moreno Educational Assistant
 Ms. P. Gill Educational Assistant
Ms. M. Moore Educational Assistant
Ms. D. Sandhu Educational Assistant
Ms. M. Saunders Educational Assistant
Mr. T. Tomioka Educational Assistant
Ms. H. Josan Educational Assistant
Ms. T. Najam Educational Assistant
Ms. H. Chahal Educational Assistant
Ms. K Chan Educational Assistant
Mr. B. Trengove Educational Assistant
Mr. B. Kessler Custodian
Mr. A. Moghaddassi Custodian
Mr. A. Fontanares Custodian
Ms. C. Eastman Noon Hour Supervisor
Ms. s. Newman Noon Hour Supervisor
Ms. A. Piovesan Food Services Worker