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Community video

Hi Second Street families,

Here is a link to a video we have made for both George Derby and Normanna Care Centres, as we realize that the residents there have been isolated and without visitors for months now.

The video is 9 ½ minutes long. Gather your kids and loved ones around, and take the time to watch it. It will light up your day and it will also be a way to talk to your children about caring for our most vulnerable folks, doing service in the community, and also, the power of laughter and smiles.

Here is the link:

A few classes have built on a previous project we had done with Normanna, called the “Smile for a Smile” campaign, but this time we tried to make it seem like we were ACTUALLY visiting the residents of the Care Centres, as we know they have not only been not allowed visitors because of regular flu season, but of course, COVID has extended that period greatly. So… we created a video so the kids could be VIRTUAL VISITORS to the Care Centres.

As you all know, we have a tradition of showing care and service in our community, so some of the kids express messages showing these qualities. Another tradition we have is to have a Joke of the Day posted at school in the entrance hallway, of course! We asked the kids to send Ms. Beavil videos of them telling jokes to the seniors. Over 40 kids contributed. It’s really lovely! The seniors at both Centres have seen it (we made 5 copies for each of their 5 wards, as they cannot socialize in the main communal areas right now, and must stay in their wards). Apparently, they have been loving it! They have laughed and even cried at the “visits”.

It is about 9 1/2 minutes long because we wanted it to feel like a real “visit”.

Get comfy, take a look, and feel proud of our students and school for extending this loving visit to our seniors.