Principal’s Message

Welcome to the start of another school year. With the start of a new year comes a world of possibilities. Being brand new to Second Street, I have had the opportunity to experience the kindness and willingness of our students to help out. They have shown great citizenship in how they have welcomed new students and staff to our school. From seeing grade one or two students giving hugs and students in grade 6 taking all of the younger students from class to class so they are safe and get where they are going, there is a sense of community here that goes beyond the name of the school. Parents have gone out of their way to introduce themselves and their children to me and this exemplifies what a community school is.

Now that the year is starting to settle in, the real work for students is beginning. This will be the second year of the revised curriculum and the excitement that surrounds this is tangible. This revised curriculum allows for greater success for more students as we look at bigger ideas and decision making as a way of representing the core and curricular competencies. Students will continue building on their experiences in new curricular areas from last year such as ADST.

We are going to continue to build relationships that benefit all of the students in our Family of Schools which consists of Armstrong Elementary and Cariboo secondary. The high school will supply the elementary schools with mentors and leaders which will support our students now, but more importantly when our grade seven students make the transition to high school next year.

However, it is not the time to think of that, yet. We have a great year ahead of us with adventures and learning in all areas of life.

I am glad to be along for the journey and to be learning as much as our students.


Jeff Hutton