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New Classes

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! Students met their new classes yesterday and the energy level was fantastic. While visiting classes, I saw the range of community building activities that were helping to make students feel comfortable and connect with friends new and old.

Many of our classes are combined grade classes. Please read the bulletin Here from the Burnaby school district for more information.

Our school has grown significantly again this year and we are up to 18 divisions and a total of 399 students. We are welcoming  quite a few new faces on our staff as well. We hope your children will enjoy their time with:

Ms. de Keruzec (gr. 1/2)

Ms. Finlay (library)

Ms. Ho (library)

Ms. Bosello (councellor)

Mr. Herd (connect Worker)

Ms. Apor  (LSS/ELL)

Ms. Ayisi-Nyarko (LSS/ELL)

Ms. Renner (Grade 6/7 with Ms. Holliday)

Ms Bains (EA)

Ms Chan (EA)

Ms. Chahal (EA)

Ms. Brown (Band)

Ms. Finlayson (gr. 1) is on a maternity leave and is planing to join us in December

We hope your children enjoy the school year with many new friends and the reach all of their goals.