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Pink Shirt Day at Second Street tomorrow

Thursday, April 27 will be Second Street’s Pink Shirt day celebration. Many schools are recognizing Pink Shirt day today, but as we have a program running that will take classes away from the celebration we are holding our day tomorrow instead.

The issues around bullying and students’ well-being are complex and can have far reaching consequences. We encourage all families to discuss what this day means and how we can all be apart of the solution and support others in making a positive difference.

PInk shirt day is a day that is dedicated to raising awareness of bullying and discrimination. The day is an opportunity for schools across Canada to foster healthy self-esteem and to celebrate differences. The day started back in 2007 when two students organized a high school protest to support a student who was picked on for wearing a pink shirt to school. In 2008 BC became the first province to recognize pink shirt day as a formal occasion. It is now celebrated across Canada.

We will be having an assembly Thursday at 1:00 to recognize the significance of the day.