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Report card update

Dear Families,

As the first term is coming to a close, there is often anticipation about receiving the first report card of the year. This year, the report cards are going to look considerably different than they did last year. Our school, along with most Burnaby schools, are moving to the provincial standard report card through My Education BC. If you have a child in Secondary School you may already be familiar with this format.

Along with the new format, there is a change in language for the Kindergarten and primary students and the deletion of the Effort portion of the report card for the intermediate students.

The current language for our kindergarten students is: Approaching, Meeting and Exceeding. The current language for grades 1 – 3 is: Not yet meeting, Approaching, Meeting and Exceeding. The new language for kindergarten through grade 3 is:  Emerging, Developing, Proficient, and Extending.

The new language and descriptors for both Primary and intermediate students can be found on our website under the “Parents” tab.

If you have any questions about your child’s report card or progress do not hesitate to contact their teacher.


Jeff Hutton