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The first week of school has been a very busy one. Students have been reconnecting with their friends and last year’s teachers as well as rotating through different classes to make new friends and a variety of experiences.

The teachers have been hard at work planning lessons and planning out class placements that will support all of the diverse learning styles and personalities that come with our students. We are getting close to knowing which class each of our kids will be in. Tomorrow morning students will be moving into their new classes.  We will post class lists on the bulletin board in the foyer downstairs and by the office upstairs so you are able to find you child’s new classroom.

A couple of events that are coming up are the welcome back barbeque on Wednesday, Sept. 18 and the Terry Fox run on Thursday, Sept. 26. Our Playground is coming together and we will let you know when we will have our official opening for that.

I hope that everyone is as excited about the year to come as I am.



Jeff Hutton