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Community & Parent Advisory Council

The Second Street Community and Parent Advisory Council (CPAC) consists of parents, caregivers, volunteers and community members. Although we have members on our Community and Parent Advisory Council who are elected to formal positions, every parent in our school and resident of our community is automatically a member of the CPAC at Second Street.

Since we are a community school, our area of focus includes children, parents, and our broader school community/neighbourhood. This means that the CPAC is similar to what is commonly known as a Parent Advisory Council (PAC) in regular schools, but because we also focus on community development and engagement, we are called a Community and Parent Advisory Council.

The Second Street Community and Parent Advisory Council (CPAC):

  • fosters communication between parents, community and school administration;
  •  works towards physical, cultural, educational, and recreational improvement within our diverse community;
  • provides opportunities to get involved for all people residing, working or having an interest in the area around Second Street Community School;
  • serves as a sponsoring body for community and school activities, events, and programs; and
  • facilitates coordination and cooperation among agencies and organizations in the delivery of community services.


The CPAC (often referred to as either Council or CPAC) operates as a non-profit organization guided by its Constitution and Bylaws updated in 2019 posted here: